Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Cityscape Terrain at Armorcast – Burning Dumpster & Barrels

ACCS022 Burning Dumpster & 2 Barrels $8.00

 In a world of Urban Chaos, burning trash dumpsters and barrels can be found set ablaze in areas of conflict. This set contain one trash dumpster and two barrels set ablaze. Sculpted by Shawn Lux in 28mm scale. Models supplied unpainted.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limited Resupply of Armorcast Ruined Building Corners

There are a few other designs available in limited supply.

Armorcast Releases Tactical Miniatures K9 Police Dogs

New Release 

TAC006 K9 Police Dogs - German Shepherds $6.00

Two K9 police dogs sculpted in 28mm scale by Jason Weibe. One German Shepard is sitting at attention while the other is snarling in an aggressive pose. The models are supplied unpainted and on 25mm round bases. TMB001 28mm Urban Bases sold separately. The miniatures are scaled to complement any Tactical Miniatures figures. A great addition to Zombie Apoc games and modern RPG's.

Welcome to Armorcast's New Blog

This new blog is replacing Armorcast’s old Roll Call page. This blog will expand upon the old Roll Call and page, the new function will be to continue having news releases for all Armorcast family of products, modeling tips with videos and gaming demos.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things That Go Bump In The Night by Lance & Laser - An Armorcast LLC Company

Just in time for Halloween with these two arrivals

LL21610 Sexy Female Vampire $3.00

This femme fatale will beguile you with her eyes and unearthly charms. She will then drain your life blood away and become one of her minions. A 28mm tru-scale miniature supplied unpainted.

LLSC200 Zombie Orc w/ Chain $9.99

One big, brutish Orc zombie cast in five pieces, the fleshless head, two arms, torso and shambling legs. designed in 28mm heroic scale by Shawn "Zombie Master" Lux. Model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

New Scale Independant Sci-Fi Terrain by Armorcast

A new range of sci-fi structures from Armorcast. The designs can be used from 6mm (1/285th) scale up to Heroic 28mm scale. A licensed Hirst Arts Product and modeled by Choppy's Workshop. Models supplied unpainted. Miniatures are shown for scale and not included.

AC2005 Power Generator (2 pcs) $10.00

This design can be used as a megalithic power generator in 6mm scale or a useful detail in a 28mm scene. Two generators are supplied in this kit. 

AC2006 Industrial Plants (2 pcs) $10.00

The designs can be used as a megalithic power capacitor and pump station in 6mm scale or a useful mechanical detail in a 28mm scene.

AC2007 Cooling Towers & Air Pocessing Plant (2 pcs) $8.00

The designs can be used as a megalithic air filtration plant and triple stack cooling towers in 6mm scale or a useful mechanical detail in a 28mm scene. One of each model is supplied in this kit.

The designs can be used as a megalithic air ducts and nodes in 6mm scale or a useful mechanical detail in a 28mm scene. One of each model is supplied in this kit.

Armorcast Cinematic Effects 2nd Annual Contest

 Armorcast's 1st Annual Cinematic Effects Best Of Show
Entrant:Todd 'Mastergunz' Farnholtz
Cinematic Effect: ACFX033 (Flamethrower)

Armorcast LLC announces the Second Annual Cinematic Effects Modeling Contest. We at Armorcast LLC want to see who has made the coolest miniature or model using Armorcast’s Cinematic Effects accessory products. This is an online contest, so get your digital cameras out send us your best photos! Armorcast LLC will be accepting entrants from 9-4-2012 until 11-25-12 midnight EST 2012.

The Rules:
Any brand of miniature or scratch built model can be used provided that an Armorcast Cinematic Effect has been used on final piece.
2. Two Photos per entry max and 1 Megabyte per photo max.
3. Judging is based on quality of the photo, quality of the paint job, your modeling skills as well as the creative use of Armorcast Cinematic Effects.
4. Categories: Single Miniature, Unit, Monster/Vehicle & Mech (open to BattleTech, CAV & Heavy Gear miniatures).
5. Provide: Name, Mailing Address, description of model and Cinematic Effect used.
6. Send entrants to:
7. We will not bar any miniature or model that has been posted on the web or have had been previously entered into other contests. Your work must be your own and entrants cannot be an employee of Armorcast LLC or an affiliate.
8. Prizes per category: First Place $50.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate, Second Place $25.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate, Third Place, $15.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate
Best of Show: $100.00 Armorcast Gift Certificate

Armorcast retains the right to add or amend the categories as they see fit. With each photo entry, the participant grants Armorcast LLC full rights to publish photos in print or digital media for advertising purposes.

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